City: amsterdam
Homebase for the National Opera, the National Balletorchestra and the Dutch National Ballet. In september 1986 the 'Stopera' - combination of stadhuis (cityhouse) and Opera was opened by Queen Beatrix. Cees Dam was the architect who finished the project when the Austrian architect W. Holzbauer died. Inside the theatre there's a specially designed ceiling with lights designed by P. Struyken. Near the building you can visit the famous Waterlooplein flee market.
Information over Amsterdam's birth and history. Also a selection of photos of the city's -also known as the 'Venice of the north'- most interesting monuments and places.
A brief synopsis of the rich and long history of Athens as well as photos accompanied with interesting information over some of Athens most famous ancient and modern monuments and areas.
Dutch & Greek recipes
From entrees to desserts, a collection of Dutch and Greek cooking recipes.