History of Amsterdam

Amsterdam history
The history of the city Amsterdam, in 1275 first time the name was published in a document, count Floris V awarded the city a toll-privilege. In the early years Amsterdam was a combination of three small settlements, during the years the settle-ments were connected by expansion. Ouderkerk (Aem(e)stelle), is the oldest settlement, in the middle ages it was the center cause of a market place and a church. To the north of Ouderkerk, city of Amsterdam arises later. The settlements were positioned in the basin of two rivers; the Amstel and the Boerenwetering. For centuries the Dutch had numerous floods from the sea and rivers, it is assumed that at the beginning of the 12th century, in this area several waterworks were created to protect the settlements and fields which belonged to the counts of Holland and the bishops of Utrecht. Approx. in 1220 dams were buildalong the rivers Spaarne and Amstel. New areas expanded cause the safety and protection of the dams, like the settlement; Hemelrijk, the dam near this settlement was called Aemsterdam. Begin 13th century, a dam was build in the southern part of the IJ, were the rivers the Amstel and Boerenwetering discharge. The area attracted more people and so another settlement arises at the northern part of Damrak which still can be found in the center of Amsterdam. These settlements formed the city of Amsterdam, during this period called Aemstelledam, count Floris the fifth of Holland granted a toll privilege. Approx. in 1300 Amsterdam received its city-status, in 1317 the city officially belonged to the count ship of Holland. During centuries the city expanded and in 1612 a new city plan was created, during the 17th century the famous canals and houses were build. The economics of Amsterdam took start with the establishment of tax on importing beer from Hamburg, Germany. Carrying trade between the two cities formed a basis for trading between the Baltic and Flanders, Amsterdam played an important role, in the 15th century

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