Herring salad

Haring salade
Category: salads
Ingrediënts: 3 herrings. 2 medium sized apples. 1 boiled red beet. 50 grams walnuts. Berry compote. Mayonnaise. Garden herbs. 2 potatoes.
Recipe: Peel 2 medium-sized apples and 1 boiled red beet, approx. 250 grams and slice into small blocks. Cut and peel two boiled potatoes, 250 grams roasted beef and two sweet sour pickles into small blocks. Mince 50 grams peeled walnuts. Mix 1-decilitre mayonnaise with 2 tablespoons chopped garden herbs and one tablespoon of berry compote. Add all the products in a bowl and mix. Cover and place in the fridge for approx. one hour. Place the 3 medium-sized clean made salty herrings on a plate and add the salad mix. Serve with cream butter and rye bread.

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