Apples potatoes mix with pork bacon

Hete bliksem met speklapjes
Category: maincourses
Ingrediënts: 750 g crumbly potatoes. 200 g sweet apples (Elstar). 200 g sourish apples (Golden rennet). Salt and pepper. Supplies for baked pork bacon. 4 pork bacon 75-100 g. mustard. A spoon of vinegar. Salt and pepper. Total time 30 minutes.
Recipe: Preparations: remove skin from the potatoes and the apples. Cut the apples in 4 parts and remove seeds and belfry. Put when the potatoes are 'half' done the apple parts in the cooking pan. Leave all boiling for extra 10 minutes on medium temperature. Remove after the 'boiling-water' and make a mix of the apples and potatoes. Do not make a mash or puree keep it firm. Add fresh crushed pepper. Because we added apples a fresh taste will appear. We recommend a white wine.

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