Asparagus with ham and eggs

Asperges met ham en eieren
Category: maincourses
Ingrediënts: 2 kg asperges (sparrow gras or asperagus). 6 eggs. Salt and sugar. Rasped nutmeg. 150 grs butter (creamy). 1 spoon chopped parsley. 250 grs smoked ham.
Recipe: This meal needs some experience with peeling off the outher skin, first cut of the hard downside. Use a potato peeler for this job. Boil the eggs aprrox. 6 to 8 minutes and cool them off in cold water and peel. Boil the asperges for about 10 to 15 miutes (depending on the quality and thickness) till they are just about done. After boiling place them, after leaking off the boiling juice and place them on a nice plate, springle the the parsley and some nutmeg on top. Melt the butter on low temperature and make sure not to boil. Meanwhile heat up the ham for a couple of minutes in a pan with a little bit of butter and slice the boiled eggs. Serve the asperges with the ham and eggs, the melted butter for a dip or sprinkle it over the asperges.

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